Retiage Liposomal Mist SESDERMA

Retiage Liposomal Mist SESDERMA


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Retinoidit uusivat, virkistävät ja kiinteyttävät huomattavasti ihoa. Pidä sumute aina mukanasi. Tunne ihollasi sen täydellinen  anti-age vaikutus, missä tahansa ja milloin vain! 30 ml

Sesderma Reti Age Facial Anti-Aging Mist is a practical serum in spray that prevents the formation of wrinkles and corrects the existing ones. It accelerates the process of regeneration, moisturizes, soothes and acts against free radicals. It does not cause irritation, redness or burning sensation thanks to the innovative encapsulation of the retinoids, which enables for a slow release of the ingredient and prevents the usual side effects of retinol. Thanks to the new 3-Retinol System, the release of the retinoids in the skin occurs at different times with retinol being continuously released, retinyl with a delayed release and retinaldehyde with an instant effect. Reti Age is suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive.


  • Texture: liquid;
  • Skin issues: aging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration;
  • Time of application: morning and evening;
  • Age: 20+;
  • Skin type: all skin types;
  • Main benefits: boosts collagen synthesis, increases hyaluronic acid production, reduces wrinkles;
  • Formulated without: parabens.

Main Ingredients

  • 3-Retinol System is comprised of three forms of retinol (retinol, retinyl, retinaldehyde) in a single product allow to achieve greater results in removing wrinkles and most importantly, don’t cause redness and irritation of the skin, even in people who previously did not use products with retinol;
  • Hyaluronic Acid can retain up to 1000x its weight in water, improving the hydration levels, and has a filling effect on wrinkles and fine lines;
  • Antiox Booster System is a combination of Ginkgo biloba, pterostilbene and quercetin which protects the skin from free radicals damage and boosts the action of Vitamin C;
  • Zinc is necessary for the conversion of the three retinoids into retinoic acid, the active presentation of retinoids.

How to use

Spray Sesderma Reti Age Facial Anti-Aging Mist from a 5-10cm distance from the face. Let it dry and follow with your favorite facial cream.